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Research (Austin)

Hi all,

My partner will join her society at the beginning of August whose head office is based in Austin. Her moving is in preparation and will be realized in the end of July. Unfortunately I cannot benefit from her L1 visa. We are not married yet. I look for a company desiring sponsored my visa, while being inclined to finance it to work very quickly.
Having over twenty years of Quality working experience (product and system), I possess a variety of technic and management skills in automotive and watch manufacturing. The consistent theme throughout my career has always been my ability to drive exceptional operational, internal and customer service standards to the highest levels. I also possess problems solving methods as well as first class communication skills, and I am able to quickly identify problems with great attention to detail and exploit improvement opportunities.
I have proven my ability to maximize business opportunities, develop my staff to deliver greater service and my long track record of hitting targets. As someone who recognises that success starts with people, I would also like to point out that I specialise in staff selection, retention, training and performance monitoring, all of these are vital in ensuring that my team is always a skilled, capable and motivated team workforce. Self-educated and natural geek, I began in Protected content career change. I learnt during these two years to build a communications strategy, to understand the keys of the webmarketing and the simple analysis of data. I have a strong work ethic with efficiency oriented in order to atteign the main goal which should be Excellence.

Have a good day


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