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As Australia is a very popular expat country, chances are that you may also consider moving to Australia. Congratulations on this great choice! This guide briefs you on the most important aspects of preparing your move to Australia, such as popular expat destinations and visa requirements.
Sydney's relaxed lifestyle attracts many new inhabitants.


Brisbane in Queensland has been popular with expats and international business for many years. In addition to a dynamic service economy, Brisbane is home to Australia TradeCoast, one of the country’s fastest growing economic development areas. More recently, Brisbane has become famous for its science and technology research centers. In an attempt to leave behind its “big country town” stigma, it has also fostered a vibrant arts and culture scene.

Some more leisure-minded expats might be lured to the city by its laidback atmosphere and subtropical climate; Brisbane is surrounded by a beautiful countryside and several magnificent beaches frequented by bathers and surfers alike. Aided by its relative proximity to the Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland coast, Brisbane is also a major tourist hotspot.


Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and Australia´s largest, most populous (and most densely populated) city. As the country’s financial and economic center, Sydney attracts many foreign banks and investors and has a large finance, insurance, and business services sector.

Very popular with expats from all over the world, it is also Australia’s most expensive city. In the Mercer Cost of Living Survey 2015, Sydney ranked as #31 out of more than 200 destinations. Finding nice and affordable accommodation can be challenging.

However, Sydney’s educational institutions and leisure activities may be worth the high expense. The city is home to Australia´s oldest university, an exciting nightlife, and is an important center for the arts. Its manifold opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation ensure that Sydney caters to all tastes.

Practical Issues

When it comes to choosing a city or area to live in, the Australian climate might play a considerable part in your decision. Australia can be divided into six climatic zones:

  • the hot humid zone in the northern coastal regions
  • a thin strip of warm humid climate on the eastern coast
  • a hot dry zone with warm winters in the northern inland areas
  • a hot dry zone with cooler winters in the southern inland areas and parts of the west coast
  • the temperate zone with warm summers and cool winters on the south coast
  • the cool temperate zone of Tasmania and small parts of New South Wales and Victoria with warm summers and cold winters

Another point worth considering is whether to make use of the services offered by one of the many professional migration agencies or consultancies. Migration agents in Australia need to be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. It is therefore advisable to search for one via the MARA website.


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