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Worklife and Life in General in Iraq (Baghdad)

Hi fellow expats,

I just want to ask a bunch of questions to those who have been in Iraq working and staying there for a certain period. I am a Filipina currently considering a project in Iraq.

I dont have the details yet of which part of the country I'll be staying, but I'd like to know ahead what I should be expecting should I get there. Here's a few things that concerns me:

1. I'm a woman, and given that it's a muslim country are there any restrictions that I should be aware of? Clothing wise? cultural differences and the likes?

2. What's the security situation?

3. Are there any specific treatment for expat women there? more so if you are Filipino Asian?

4. What's the typical work culture there?

5. How do the locals work?

6. Anything to do there after the normal 8 to 5 life?

Anything else that you guys feel like I should know, please feel free to give me your thoughts. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


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