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moving to Bahamas

I have just be offered a job with the Ministry of Works in Bahamas.

I really don't know whether I should accept or not. And if I accept should bring my family or not.

My daughter has just finishing her GCSE's and is expected to get 11 A stars or thereabouts.

Is there any good high schools offering the full range of A Levels, obviously she will go to University and we hope she goes to Cambridge/Oxford to read a science/law/engineering etc. So the teaching standards will have to be high. Also drama/music and other extra curricular activities are important to her.

My son is going into his GCSE years and he too is expected to do well academically, at least two years ahead in maths. Also loves football (the proper one, although he is getting into the American oval ball game) and is extremely good at it. He is also a great comic actor, having done some professional productions (supporting Marti Pellow for example). Is it advisable to bring him the Bahamas also?

Sorry if the above sounds like boasting, I really am trying not to but need some genuine advice.

What standard of property will I get with the $30k annual allowance? Say three bedrooms?

Any advice/help much appreciated

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