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Moving to the Bahamas

Are you curious about moving to the Bahamas, the Caribbean paradise just off the coast of Florida? Well, there is more to a move to the Bahamas than the great weather. Take a look at our guide on moving to the Bahamas and learn about the islands, visa requirements, transportation, and more.
Moving to the Bahamas takes you to an archipelago right off the coast of Florida.

A Quick Look into the Environment

The archipelago that makes up the Bahamas is located broadly between Florida and Cuba, in the Atlantic Ocean. Of the 700 islands, only 30 are inhabited. Most expats moving to the Bahamas find themselves relocating to New Providence Island, where roughly two-thirds of all inhabitants live. Nature enthusiasts will fall in love with their new home for the abundance of coral reefs (there are more than 2,000) stretching from Florida’s southeast coast to the northwest of Hispaniola. All expats will benefit from over 3,500 km of coastline as well as the islands’ tropical marine climate, which means that the weather is largely sunny and dry. It is important to be aware, however, that the islands are prone to rough weather conditions (such as hurricanes and other tropical storms).

The Tropical Islands of the Bahamas

Moving to the Bahamas lets you experience the natural beauty of the Caribbean and by exploring the different islands, you will see a new side of this stunning archipelago. Tourism is the main source of income on the bigger islands, so they receive many visitors every year. If you want something a little more off the beaten track, the more secluded Out Islands offer the chance to experience a bit of solitude away from the hustle and bustle.

New Providence Island & Paradise Island

New Providence Island is home to the majority of the population and is the location of the country’s capital, Nassau. The city is of great significance thanks to its status as the seat of the government and the center of commerce. Despite Nassau’s cosmopolitan character, its colonial history is strikingly displayed in its charming old town.

By crossing a bridge, expats can easily reach the adjacent Paradise Island, which is home to more than just beautiful beaches. Here, you can also find luxury hotels, extensive golf courses, and glamorous casinos. Paradise Island’s glittering reputation is certainly well deserved.

Grand Bahama Island

While Nassau effortlessly blends the old and the new, Freeport on Grand Bahama Island is a mecca of modernity and technology. The surrounding area is largely occupied by hotels, casinos, and scuba diving facilities, but there are still unexplored beaches and little hideaways on the island waiting to be discovered. The island is also definitely the place to be for watersports, with a variety of activities on offer. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the Lucayan National Park, which also has one of the oldest underwater cave systems in the world, a must for anyone who loves diving.

The Out Islands

If your motivation for moving to the Bahamas is a desire to escape from the daily grind, you might want to avoid the hustle and bustle of New Providence Island and Grand Bahama Island. The Out Islands — traditionally referred to as the “family islands” by the Bahamians — are home to only 15% of the overall population. The most popular of these islands are the Abacos Islands, Andros Island, Inagua, and Eleuthera, which are inhabited mostly by fishermen and farmers. These are rarely frequented by tourists or travelers, so they are practically unspoilt and can offer you the best of the Caribbean’s natural beauty. The population of the individual islands ranges from less than 100 up to 11,000, so there is certainly variety among them. Still, many of the islands have schools, healthcare facilities, and small airports, from which you can access the other islands. 


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