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Getting good nanny/housekeeper in Baku or Ganja

I am considering a job in Azerbaijan but would need to spend most time in the field in Barda, 5 hours from Baku. As a single father to 2 young boys, this would be hard for us. One option is to be based in Ganja instead of Baku, but I worry that we won't find an English speaking housekeeper/nanny which I would need to be able to stay in the field and also go often to Baku for a few days. Also worry that there would be no expat or family activities so we would feel isolated. Do you know anything about expat life in Ganja? Opinions on family life there?
The other option is to be based in Baku, but again, I would need at least 1 housekeeper for daytime who can take and pick up sons at school, clean and cook + one night time nanny to stay overnight when I go to the field. Ideally, both speaking English. I am told this would be hard to find and very expensive, a minimum of 600$ a month each. What do you think?
And finally, my 2 boys are adopted in Vietnam and I hear that asians are often harassed in the streets and this is hard.
So really, life in Azerbaijan looks like it would be tough for a single father to manage. Do you agree? Any comments would be useful.

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