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Help this young man to walk! Give him your hand! (Baku)

When I first met Ahmad in front of the mall where dozens of his friends were conducting a face to face fundraising to help this young man, the first thing I was thinking about was: "He is a lucky man to have soo many caring and generous friends". But then, I though, he should be a super nice guy to have so many friends spending 8,9 hours per day to battle for his cause. He is a very positive person with an outstanding will of power. He never stops to smile and always full of hope. He is working hard to be able to walk again and he is a very strong and wise person who never stops to fight for his dream .
Ahmad is only 25 and he got stroke when he was just 15 and he is unable to walk since that time. After stroke he could not even do the simple moves but with the hard work and will of power he could ease the damages caused by the stroke. Currently the only problem of him is not being able to walk but he is hopeful and he is working hard on that. The good news is, full rehabilitation of Ahmad is possible. İt is necessary for him to get rehabilitation courses in Germany (Medical park Berlin Humboldtmühle). The bad news is the course is very expensive and Ahmad has no such money ( Protected content ).
With the help of Generous people he could collect around Protected content but unfortunately it is not enough. He needs help of more generous people to make this happen.
When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve that. 25 years old Ahmad has never stopped believing in that.

Any amount of money is helpful (the ocean is nothing if no rain drops rights?). Each dollar matters and brings Ahmad's closer to his dream. Is there any reason why you would not be able to help this young man to walk again?
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