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I'm looking for a few exceptional students. (Baku)

Hey folks.

I'm looking for a few (6 maximum) exceptional university graduates who have the intelligence, ambition and determination to go for a graduate degree in the west (Master's programs). No, I don't work for free so these kids would probably come from emerging middle and upper-class families (so maybe families with business owners, department heads, professionals or senior government people).

However, if they REALLY want it and will carry through with a program without the excuses of how important their vacation is or the need to go clubbing instead of actually doing the work, I will guarantee that any person I accept in the program will go to graduate school FREE or they get back 50% of their lesson fees after five months of intensive English language training at little more than they would pay for one-on-one English lessons.

No hidden fine print, simple deal. They do the work, follow my program and they get a free Master's degree, probably including their transportation, books, visa fees and living expenses or they get half their money back but get to keep all they learned.

There are criterion: university grads, under 32, presently at Intermediate or higher English skill, two or more years of professional employment and willing to go to school in the West for up to two years. Better if they are not married but that's not necessarily an elimination factor. I need to interview anyone interested and accept them based upon their determination and career/personal goals. Message me or refer anyone that might be interested in a program like that.

This program is rigorous, not some pat little, "sit in the chair and listen to me for 2 hours and then you magically get a free education" scheme to separate them from their moeny.

And no, they won't be selling anything, bothering their friends or anything like that, just being students. I have had three students do this before but am approaching it more systematically this time around.

I teach Academic English, writing and test-taking skills so if you know of anyone already planning on going to grad school on their own dime I do that sort of tutoring as well.


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