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Looking for a Partner (Baku)

Looking for a partner (or two) to establish a general purpose company which we can use to pursue opportunities in the region. It could be services, importing or who knows what. No, we're not going to take over an industry segment, build another pipeline or sit around drinking martini's on the deck of some big shot's yacht. What we will probably do is make some contacts, pursue some one-offs and special projects, miss a lot of chances, close a few opportunities, maybe make some money along the way and, who knows, be in the right place at the right time when something good comes stumbling along the road in our direction. At the worst, we'll sit around and have some great discussions over beers and coffees about possibilities.

No, I'm not handing over bags of cash nor am I expecting anyone to produce capital or pay me to do "Something", I'm talking micro-economic pursuits, Work. Preparation. Thinking and planning to position resources for followup if the right thing comes along. This means a couple of folks who think in a similar fashion.

Right now, I am looking for an IT type with the programming expertise to work from within a system using existing templates for a specialized forum board and get a site up and running for testing and tweaking. I have content resources and some thoughts on subscriber/advertising possibilities.

Really, some time and expertise with a view towards the future, nothing more.

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