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Looking for something to do in Baku Friday Nite?

Come to the Bulvar!

I have a dozen or so Azeri students who would love to tell you about their lives, city and dreams as they try to improve their English.

Native speaker, English-learner, makes no difference, the more the merrier!

We're at Cafe Aura on Friday NItes from 9:00 until the last one of us tires out.

Cross Neftchalar at the Absheron (Marriott) to the Bulvar and turn right on the sidewalk, walk about Protected content along the wall while watching to your left for an open-ait cafe. It has a small, glass-walled dining area, amid comfortable seating, tables and chairs.

Please buy a beer, tea or coffe, maybe even have some of their kebabs, it's a reasonable place to pass a Bulvar Nite,


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