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Mommy Yoga is opening in Baku!

Mommy Yoga
In harmony with your kid!

We are happy to announce the opening of Mommy Yoga family yoga-studio. Family yoga or 'parent-child' exercises is our main direction.
Yoga for children helps prevent numerous diseases and has a positive impact on a child's health. First, yoga improves digestive system and its functioning and helps regulate the stool. It also improves attention and helps prevent insomnia.
In addition, exercising yoga regularly helps to prevent many widely spread diseases, including scoliosis, flat feet, impaired posture, curvature of the legs, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, bronchitis, etc.
But the main thing is that improves relationship between a parent and a child.
Pair yoga give much to both. Working in pair and doing asanas, breathing exercises and meditating together, the partners get aligned in a single breathing rhythm, which helps adjust to each other's inner world.
These exercises help create the so-called spiral of welfare, when the child feels well, parents also receive positive emotions, happy about their child's state, passing these feeling to the baby, who also reacts to parents' joy. Thus, we get a developing spiral of welfare, satisfaction, common happiness. And the family exercising yoga with their baby radiate this happiness!
We consider it the main advantage of yoga classes with children.
The trainings will be held by internationally certified instructor with 30 years of experience, famous guru, specialist in yoga for spinal cord Rasim Nijazovic.
For whom:
Yoga classes are held in pairs- a child and a parent. These may be a mom and a son, a daughter and a father, grandmothers and grandchildren, brothers and sisters-the combinations are just endless.

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