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Dear fellow expats in Baku. I thought I would share my letter to the British school in Baku with you in case anybody is interested.

Dear Ms. (name) Deputy head of Primary

We are addressing this letter to you since there is still no Head Teacher at the school.
Maybe you could share it with the Dean of the University. Unfortunately we do not know his name for his greeting speech in Azeri was not translated for possible foreigners.

Unfortunately the quality of education at the British School in Baku does not meet neither our expectations nor the international standards.

Here are just few examples that we would like to draw your attention to:
1. No Head Teacher at the school.
2. No date when Head teacher will arrive.
3. Total absence of communication with the parents. (No filling in diaries etc)
4. There are mistakes in the children's homework diary in days of the week.
5. Organization of all the data is done by hand in notebooks. There are computers in the 21 century - they make things much easier... Also: how can the school teach children how to use computers if neither of the stuff uses it?!
6. absence of electronic control system of the enter/exit of pupils to the school
7. Terrible quality of uniform. Synthetic materials and bad quality of execution (threads, all buttons falling off)
8. No possibility to buy extra uniform for almost two weeks - so either washing one polo everyday or wearing it dirty…
9. No PE uniform for over two weeks. No information on when in arrives
10. Shouting (sadly in a VERY poor English) teachers
11. Lying about the nationalities in the class: we were promised a completely different mix in the class.
12. No car park permit. For over two weeks. mess at the car park that leads to traffic jams.
13. absence of the teacher for 2 weeks.
14. Lying about the expat teacher class: Azeri teacher in the end
15. Why is School called British? - there is no single teacher from the UK.

Overall - very sad impression. School tries to hide problems instead of solving them. Organization is a mess. Quality is absent as well as the Head teacher.

For these reasons we shall take our child out of this school and put her into different educational institution.

Thank you and we hope this letter meets your understanding

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