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New activity group launched (Baku)

Baku has been started to be an expat haven, from its inception as being the strategic stopover on the Caucasus region located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe and a bustling trading port to its modern conception to be a new commercial hub after independence from Soviet Union.

Currently, it attracts scores of people from all around the world making it a veritable multicultural society, similarly as Dubai. While this has innumerable merits, new (and even old) arrivals can feel lonely and confused about its fast paced expansion and changing cultural norms.

This group aims to congregate and discuss the social and cultural issues we might all have/had or will be experiencing while travelling and enjoying and creating new friendships. We will aim to share stories, trials and tribulations at each event and to come to understand the cultural differences while making strong friendships.

Feel free to join "InterNations Baku Explorers and Travelers" activity group, come together and share your experiences while discovering and visiting the sights and attractions of Azerbaijan.


Baku Forum