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Pets Adoption and fostering (Baku)

I have an option for You for the cute, adorable pet adoption in Baku city , Azerbaijan, even beynd, in any abroad Countries. I also kindly request everyone to support animal welfare and rescue activity while in Azerbaijan, which is mainly demand adoption actively. Fostering also appreciated. Those who wants to buy from Zooshops, please, DONT! DONT, please, promote business on the animals ! YES, please, adopt rather than buying, that is because there are huge pet animals are inneed for YOUR love, who will much more grateful , we will too! All animals that rescued, treated medically and fit for the adoption that also very much adorable rather than special breed dogs or cats, You may understand and agree when You get one.
Please, contact me on my cell phone (mob): Protected content
The issue is very critically urgent due to limited facility and resources to help all others that still in the street. Your visit to look for the pets on cat&dog refuged center i also possible and even appreciated. We are located in very convenient area, in the city center (Landmark Hotel), Nizami Street.
I can be skyped on: leopard273
GOD save everybody Who saves HIS small tiny creatures!

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