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Questions- tennis, yoga, language, pollution? (Baku)

Hello Baku Expats,

Hats off to you who are able to enjoy this Wonderful place. My husband is considering a job in Badamdar which might get us to Baku in the next month if not sooner. I have read very old forums where people complain about garbage and pollution in Baku. How is it now in Protected content ? We've lived in HK and Nigeria which were both very tough for me. What can I expect in Baku as a nature lover?

Also, are there any expats out there interested in yoga, meditation, tennis maybe rock climbing? Where would one go? Hash House Harriers still around in Baku?

Finally, in your opinion is it better for me to learn Azeri or Russian? I think Russian might be more useful but will locals be offended by Russian speakers somehow?

Thank You All

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