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What would you bring if u were coming for 2 years? (Baku)


Hi everyone,

I have spend a couple of hours reading through the Baku forums and so far found lots of info - what a close-knit community!

My wife and I are coming to Baku in summer for a 2-year contract. We do speak Russian (also English and German, but this is beyond my question), but not a word of Azerbaijani.

Let's play a game: knowing now what you know, what would you bring over if you had enough container space? Some other rules to consider:
* your first language is Russian
* you are coming from Germany
* you are getting a furnished apartment

I will start the list:
* own dishwasher (because it is relatively new and very good)
* kitchen utensils (knives, plates, pans etc.)
* probably all the clothing you need (yeah, but what?)

Please feel free to contribute. Thank you in advance!

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