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Location for small Art Supermarket wanted (Balearic Islands)

From 3rd week of November to last week December I wish to create an Art Super Market - see below

Location: Under search, could be a Barn, empty Cinema, empty Warehouse, Loft...
Must have possibilities for Heating / Security
Country: Mallorca or Menorca

I am a Silkpainter and have a Network of Protected content (Intl)
The presentation, Exhibition and Sale of International Textile Art &Sculptures, Interieur Design (Textile, Silk Fibre), Silk Art, Silk-Wall Art, Wearable Silk Art, Shawls, Accesoires, Hand-made Jewellery & Porcellaine from Silk Artists, as originals and unique Art pieces mainly from Europe but not exclusively limited to such. Some selected Oil paintings from Friends of our Artists.

Timescale: End of November until End of December
Who can help?

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