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Lou Reed at Teatro Principal de Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

Reed will be playing at the Arena on April 30 with his Metal Machine Trio.

The former guitarist, vocalist and principal songwriter for The Velvet Underground, formed his new band the Metal Machine Trio less than two years ago.

The Trio with Ulrich Krieger (saxophone) and Sarth Calhoun (electronics) plays free improvised instrumental music inspired by Reed’s Protected content “Metal Machine Music”.

The music ranges from ambient soundscapes to free rock to contemporary noise.

The organisers of the sixth festival, which this year will have a very green and eco-friendly message, also confirmed that Spanish musician Juan Perro has also been signed up.

Before going solo, Perro was the front man for the group Radio Futura from Protected content 1992. Radio Futura is still considered to be one of the best Spanish rock bands of all time.

More acts are expected to be added to the festival programme over the coming weeks and more information about the events, including ticket prices, will be announced as the festival nears.

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