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Moving to Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

Dear all,

I am considering moving to Mallorca and would be forever thankful if any of you could give me some tips about day-care and school options (my son is two years old), real estate companies, and anything else worth considering when making the move to Mallorca. I am German/Vincentian and have lived as an expat throughout Europe for many years of my life.

It might be worth mentioning that I am still in the research phase of deciding on whether to make the move or not, and of course it all depends on whether I will be able to secure a job on Mallorca. My profession is Interior Design, and I have years of work experience within the Real Estate and hospitality field. My languages are German and English, with some basic knowledge of Italian and I'm planning to take a Spanish course in the near future. If anyone knows of any job opportunities in these fields, kindly let me know ;).

Thanks for your help!

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