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A Three Bedroom Gem in the Cultural Heart of Bali


When I first moved to Bali some 15 years ago, this was my first house which was built by one of Bali’s leading architects and the founder of the Bali-International style of architecture on Bali.

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Just a year later I married the architect’s sister in law, and our three sons arrived with the speed of Irish triplets. So, as a result, and using my brother in law once again, we built our new compound a very short walk away:

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We sold our old place to dear friends who live in Sonoma, California, and they lease it out on short and long term rentals, thus the first link above. We manage it for them, and we are actively engaged with its care. My Balinese wife still makes daily offerings at our old house, as it’s the place of birth of our three sons and we will always have ties to that home.

If you are looking for a great retreat located along the mystical Ayung River and in a traditional Balinese village that rarely sees tourists, then this might be right for you. If you want to read a funny story about the experiences of one young lad who stayed there for a month, have a read here:

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