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Advise on Property Investment in Bali/Gilis Island

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some contacts in Bali / Lombok / other areas on Gili Islands, to get an idea about the property market and land investment opportunities.

I would like to get your thoughts/advise about areas to consider (besides all the info I get from googling). A few of us plan to make a trip to Bali and also Gili Island in possibly Q4…and rekkie some land areas / villas that could be potential investments. If you are in the property line, that's great !! or if you can provide any generous thoughts or advise its most appreciated.

I would most welcome fellow Internation-lites a meetup and to share potential business ideas once I firm up the travel plans.

Thanks in advance :) your thoughts, advise and contacts would be most appreciated… Just PM me and we can correspond from there.

Best Regards

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