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British Female searching for work (Bali)

Hello everyone, I am recently new to Bali.

I am British, but have moved from the Middle East where I was for 7 years.

I am a professional DJ by trade. But I have had quite a diverse employment history.

I have experience in event planning, marketing, sales, and restaurant/bar management.
I have also been an outdoor pursuits instructor and windsurfing/water sports instructor on and off most of my adult life. So I am very good at working with people of all ages-abilities and nationalities. I also have experience of teaching maths and english to children of all nationalities in Doha.

I can use a computer well- word/excel and some design.

I am very much a can-do person and like to get my hands dirty.

I have a sunny, positive outlook on life and I am easy to get on with.

I can speak arabic, german and some french- although out of practice with the german and french. I love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

I am looking for a role that will challenge me- be rewarding and let me meet new people.

If you have anything that I may be suitable for please get in touch.

I am currently based in Seminyak and I started my Kitas on Monday.

Have a great day..thanks for reading


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