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Dog Adopting (Bali)

Hey! I'm really sad to have to write this. But we have a lovely dog that need to find a new home. We to badly have to adopt her away because of both the people next and there religious beliefs and because we just got a baby.

She is an active dog that need attention and walks. She is really good on the leash when we are walking and really good around the food. She already know stay and sit. Always sit calm and wait outside the store when you go in and shop. She's really good around other dogs and would love to get in to a pack. She's 5 months old and we have had her since she was one month. (She's a rescued dog from the street)

We don't really have the time that we need for her and it's breaking our family apart.

She is running free in our garden, and sometimes we have her on the leash when she's inside and need to sleep.

I really hope that we can find a good person that can take her and give her all the love she need and deserve.

No people that are going to have her on a leash for the rest of her life please! That's not how you treat a dog.

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