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I thought I'd never find a home in Bali

From Berlin to Bali the first thing that hit me was the heat.
No matter where you go you can't escape the hot sun, it is as inescapable and as overpowering as the mosquitoes.

Nights are the worst, in a small hotel in the city with the traffic raging outside, makes you wonder why you thought Bali would be a good place to travel to.

I was searching for a place to call home and to set up a base for a couple of weeks and travel around from and after a long run of bad hostels, I found a small place that was perfect.

A brisk walk to the beach, Air Conditioning that saved me from going mad, great company, and I even learned some Bahasa.

Contact Mark on Protected content , he has a home stay in Seminyak that fulfilled my dreams and made my holiday.

Have a great time in Bali,
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