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Living in Bali! Questions from a soon-to-be expat


Hey everyone! My name is British and I am looking for Bali expats and natives to answer a few questions regarding living in Bali. Opportunities are on the horizon for me and things are moving rather quickly, specifically within in this past week! (so excited)

My computer crashed a while ago as I was writing a super awesome detailed thread with questions galore by category. This time, it's not as fancy so I may be writing a second post with more questions if I don't remember them all :)

Let's get to the nitty gritty shall we??

So..... I have two potential Enlgish teaching jobs in Bali + Jakarta!!! Whoooopeee and so you can probably understand how I feel. The excitement and the questions have been pouring over me since Sunday night!

Moving to Indonesia:
Is it wise to simply sell everything and go? My husband is wanting to take a few furniture items with us (our small 3 seat couch) + zen bed. If you've experienced shipping by freight, has it been really expensive? I also have a Vitamix that I would be soooooo needing to have with me. Any experience flying with one?

Another thing that I want to learn about is how the system of money works in INDO. Is the USD more valuable? How easy is it to get a INDO bank account? I've been looking at pictures and charts but of course this is all foreign to me. The money is so pretty and colorful though :)

Being vegan:
Both the hubby and I are vegan with my diet being mostly raw + high carb. Can you imagine how much I'll be in heaven with the availability of so much fruit in such a high abundance? I can't even handle it!

So... my questions are :
How much is food? Are there markets where I would buy fruit in bulk or for cheap that's organic? The specific fruits that we would be purchasing on the regular are: bananas, durian, mangos, pineapple, coconut. other exotic fruit + rice (of course)+ veggies. I do plan on growing some food and I know that some property already has several fruit trees, so depending on where I will live, I may have this available to me.

Living in Indonesia:
I have been super super lucky to have found a perspective place to live in Bali, although one of the potential employers would provide living space or rent allowance. I am curious as to the cost of living in INDO? This space I found is only 350/month and it's a 1 bedroom located in between two villages so it's very local and rural compared to city life. Is that too low? What can I expect to spend on the monthly in Indonesia. I've "heard" that the cost of living is low but I would like to hear this from people that I can see, chat with, and get to know. :)

Teaching English in Indonesia:
has anyone taught english in INDO? As I mentioned earlier, I've gotten two interview requests from English schools in Indonesia Bali + Jakarta. The suspense is killing me and things are moving so fast. It was seriously one day after I submitted my credentials that I got a response!! This process has been like night and day to me... LITERALLY. I have been waiting to hear back from them as to when I will interview.. and staying up super late to send correspondence. How long does it typically take for a response?

If you've read up to this part! You are sooo awesome! Just want to give my gratitude in advance for your assistance, advice, and help :)


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