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Making the Move from Australia-Need Advice! (Bali)

Hello InterNations Community!

My fiance and I are beginning a startup. It is an online social media company so fast internet is key. We are thinking that Ubud is probably the best place for us as we are interested in moving to Bali for it's closeness to nature and natural beauty that will give us the peace we need to work efficiently. We have also heard great things about the culture and entrepreneurial spirit of the people that move here. We would love any advice on the following:

1) High speed, wireless internet with optic fibre cables
2) Health care including particularly women's health care and pregnancy
3) Water irrigation in households or water filtering
4) Working Visas
5) Banking and financial services
6) Acquiring an International drivers license for scooters
7) Best places for food shopping (we enjoy organic healthy foods-meat eaters)
8) Best places for clothes shopping
9) Best places to shop for technology (TVs and computers etc.)
10) How to hire trustworthy house staff (maids, cooks etc.)
11) The best way to find houses/villas to lease or rent long term-any recommendations of areas that include the following: quiet and with lots of natural nature around the house whilst still being located close to town (walking distance) with a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and corner stores, safe area for children to grow up and strong internet connection and capabilities, and within a reasonable distance to pilates studio or other similar activities.

Would love to hear from any of you!

Felicity x

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