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Missing, Presumed Deceased (Bali)


Hi Guys,
Sorry to have such a morbid title...
My brother has been missing for quite a few years. He was last seen in the UK about 17 years ago and he was living in Bali where he returned after his visit.
His name is/was Richard Lane, known as 'Rick' or 'Ricky' (although this may not be the name under which he was living). All we have is hearsay but, he was apparently living in a commune of about 40 people in a cave complex(?) and very much into recreational drug use. Word is that he died in Bali, but we have no idea when or where, except that it was no more than 17 years ago.
He was just over 6 feet tall and skinny with long blonde hair, born in October Protected content , so he would have been 48 years old at that time. We have contacted the British consulate out there and they can find no record of his death or of him entering the country. The Indonesian Embassy weren't really that helpful, and said that they have no records(?). the reason for not having any records may be that there was no one to actually register his death (maybe someone else who had gone 'off grid'?) and could be in a pauper's grave or cremated as an unknown.
I know that this is a long shot but, if any of you guys have any leads, contacts etc. who may have known him, or heard of him and his circumstances, we are desperate to try to get some closure rather than wondering if he is alive or dead. Anything relayed, will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and I can give you my email address if you want to make direct contact.
Thank You

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