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Opinions On A Business Plan (Bali)

Hi everybody,

Nice to be on board, and would like to get some opinions on a business plan that me and my fiance are making please (she is Balinese).

At the moment, her she is working with her parents. They have a successful Indonesian restaurant just outside of Denpasar. My partner does a lot of the cooking, very well I might add.

She has also found that she has a talent for making very good gelato (believe me, locals come to her for it) and she is currently adding on to her parents restaurant to expand into this. Looking forwards, she would also like to do coffee / cappuccino's etc as well. But then she put an idea into my mind............

Naturally, I intend to help her with all of this, and we plan to get married, but as well as that, I was thinking that in future, I could also use my 25 years of I.T skills to also set up an internet cafe for her too. Would you be good enough to express your opinions of this please?

On previous stays in Bali, my findings regarding internet access etc is that it is poor because people do not invest in high quality equipment - CISCO etc. I would like to do this, and if successful, set myself up as a consultant.

The only areas that my fiance is lacking is in business planning etc - she wants to try to do everything at once. But I have around 10 years of project management behind me, so I think I can take good control of all of this.

So, I would love to hear other's views please. I'm sick of the rat race, and not being appreciated in Australia. And I have the best woman in the world waiting for me in Bali :-)

Apologies for the long post.


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