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Question regarding work situation in Bali


I'm considering re-locating to Bali for health reasons. I would like to hear from expats who were looking for jobs in Bali from home. Is it possible at all to find work prior to moving to Bali? What kind of professions are in demand?
I have several years of experience in the financial sector working as a Compliance Officer and a Research person. Currently I work for a global data management company as a Customer Direct Executive. I also used to teach Yoga in the past (I hold an international teaching license) and am interested in "alternative" health.
I'm a single 33 y.o. female, which is a rather unattractive age for a potential employer in my home country (the Czech Republic), where they expect a woman of that age to have kids and also be more financially demanding than a younger woman. Does age and marital status play a role when looking for a job in Bali?
Any advice would be much appreciated!

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