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Relocating to Bali


Hi! I'm seriously considering relocating for a while to Bali in January or February and, if it all works out well, staying indefinitely. I'm at the research stage right now, finding out all that's necessary for such a move. I'm thinking especially about how to obtain Visas, accommodation (for just me, preferably in a one or two-bedroom house with pool not too far from the beach), cost of living, internet availability, etc.

Also, there is the question of a suitable area to live. Ideally, I'd like to be near the ocean but that isn't the top requirement if the community isn't right. I would like to live in an area which has an "arty", progressive, upbeat ambience (rather than a crassly touristic one), if ya know what I mean! I know such areas exist there but I'm not sure where.

About health. Someone told me about "Bali Belly", adding that nasty bacteria have a good time there! Is this true? Does the new arrival get sick there? Is water generally drinkable? How about the hygiene of restaurants, etc.?

I would be really grateful for some input on this from all you lovely people who have already made the move!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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