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Relocation to Bali

My husband and I have plans to move to Bali. These are things I would like to get advices from. Before my queries, a lil information about us.

I'm a born and bred Singaporean, my husband is a New Zealander citizen but a permanent resident in Singapore. We have 2 children age 10 and 6. Running F&B businesses and Javanese massage spas here.

1) What is the most appropriate visa we will need to have for a long term stay in Bali? Note at the bottom that we plan to do a small business as well.

2) Which international schools in Bali is most recommended? Preferably one that teach from Protected content .

3) Which area of Bali is best recommended to live in? Not one that is very near to the beach (just in case tsunami, pardon my ignorance)) and not too out of the way. Does Bali has a category of "upmarket area" to live in or basically it depends on the size and design of the villa on the prices?

4) We hope to do a small business in Bali. As our expertise are in the F&B and spas industries, we are looking into those areas. Most likely a small cafe or restaurant selling food cos we heard doing bars in Bali is very troublesome and taxing and spas are everywhere in Bali. What are the requirements to open a food eatery? Such as licenses. Or we just need to lease a commercial shop and start selling?

5) How much money roughly to have comfortably in order for a long term relocation for a start? Considering that we have children who will study for another 10 years (looking at 10 years yes) before overseas uni, and hopefully a small business to continue get us by enough (or successfully).

6) If looking at not doing any businesses at all, only house lease and children"s education, how much money to have ideally for the next 5 years?

7) If it's point 6, are we allowed to do any ad-hoc freelance work?

Thank you for any 2 cents worth! :) I apologize these questions could have been asked many times but would appreciate any updated information :)

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