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Shared Office or Hot Desking (Bali)

Hi All,

I'm a freelancer of many talents (ha!), as many of the expats living in Bali seems to be. Certainly the younger crowd of wannabe expats ("notyetpats"?) seem to be work from home designers, artists, photographers, writers.... you name it.

Anyway. Many of who have actual work struggle day to day with the appalling internet speeds. Plus many people struggle generally with working from home.

In the UK I would pay to make use of a shared office space, and i always found it well worth the money.

Guaranteed internet speeds, 24hr access, a good atmosphere and friendly crowd, free-flowing coffee, networking and social opportunities. You get the idea. It's not a new one.

But I can't seem to find anything lie this in Bali. I live in Canggu and it seems folk round here go to the various cafe's, but you can't do real work in these places and the internet is just as hopeless.

If I had the money I'd invest in a small office space and open it out to creatives and professionals alike, renting the desks by the day, week or month. I offer this idea to the community in the hope that someone else will take this up and make my Bali life that little bit more enjoyable!

On a side note, the best place I worked in Oxford was a 2 storey building. the upstairs was used by a company for about a dozen staff, and this same company covered their rent and presumably made a tidy profit by renting out desks downstairs. It was a great place to work and a big win win for the company.

If you know somewhere nice to work around Canguu/Berawa et me know!

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