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Some interest of moving to bali (Bali)

Hi Everyone!! Hope all of you are having a great weekend.

After my couple of visits to Bali i have considered the option of moving over to bali (i currently reside in Singapore) to enjoy a better pace of life along with a couple other factors. For a start, i might look at the option for a stay in bali for 6 months - 1year to understand if this is a feasible move. As i am in my early 30's and am looking for something simple and yet with a little bar scene (with live bands) is the perfect scenario.
The pace of living in Singapore has been getting from bad to worse especially over the last 5 years (well, i guess this is the case with any modern / developed city) which has made me work on my plans a little faster than i initially thought.

As i have made trips to various places, i have kind of concluded that i would love to move to bali as it seems rather rich in culture and people generally are very friendly indeed. Good food definately plays a certain role too as Singaporeans are foodies. ;)

Alright, now would like some assistance from you folks.

I have spotted certain villas within the Seminyak and Ubud area which has attracted me and it comes with a mix (with cleaning / security / maintenance) services or without. Initially i had nailed in the idea that i would want to stay in Seminyak as it has a decent bar scene and with accessibility to the beaches around. However, after some thought Ubud will work out well too as it is not too far off from Keramas beach (which is a beach that i absolutely love to go to) as its almost like a private beach.

How difficult or troublesome is it to obtain housecleaning / security /maintenance services? Are there many such providers around / easy to hire people who can work well. Or, would i be better off just getting a villa which is fully serviced? I understand that especially in Ubud i would require a balinese person around (or a helper) to perform the rituals required for offerings.

Ideally, i would love to have fibre internet when in bali as i have been used to super fast internet access. I know that fibre is available in Seminyak. Is it available within ubud or is there a way to check of fibre readiness? Alternatively, broadband access will do.. ;)

While in Bali, i am looking to ideally tap on the rental villa market as well. I have seen many places which has a seperate but connecting villa within the same compound which is what i might be looking at using to rent out. As for rental of villa, what should i look out for? In the terms of the paperwork provided and whats bundled in.

As for the VISA requirement, i have been made aware that i could come in on a 30-day tourist visa which may be extended up to 4 times in total which is a rather decent option. However, instead of having to trouble with visa extensions, what visa option should i consider.

Thanks for your great assistance.

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