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To bring a carseat... or not to bring?? (Bali)


Hello, any advise on living in Bali with a baby would be greatly appreciated. Feels a little daunting as we prepare and pack to leave in a couple of weeks.

I am already way over with my baggage allowance for when we move to Bali (only bringing what we can bring on the plane, not shipping things) and i'm not sure if i should bring our carseat (its more like an infant capsule carseat) for our daughter who will be 8 months old. What do most other expats do, do people bother with carseats there for their babies, or are they rare? And are there seat belts in the back of most cars?!
Just wondering if it would be difficult to buy a carseat (and leave ours here for less baggage) in either Denpasar or Ubud or Singaraja (won't be settling in the south until a few months later).

Also i've heard not to bother to bring a stroller at all..? I have a good quality 3 wheeler stroller and feel its crazy to leave it behind as it gets so much use here at home, but I've been told don't even bother for Bali as there aren't proper sidewalks etc.. what do any other mums or anyone else think about this?! Should i leave the stroller behind if it'll just be impractical there..? I have a baby strap on carrier i wonder if this will be all i need and no stroller.

Would love to hear any advise from people with small children living in Bali or just anyone with any advise on the matter!

Thank you! :)

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