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Visa help (Bali)


Hello, my husband and our 5 month old daughter and I will be moving to Bali in August/ September Protected content . My husband will be leaving the country often for work in Malaysia but my daughter and i will be remaining in Bali. We want to live in Bali permenantly, and are finding it hard to get advise on visas. What do we have to do before leaving Canada? Would it be the Social Cultural Visa that we'd need?Or is this one not so good as you have to renew it often and leave the country often? I was told by Bali Expat Services that i should apply for the Business KITAS through them and they will 'sponsor' me and make it look like i work for them- I will not be working while in Bali. I understand this visa is the best option as it lasts for 5 years and only need to renew it once a year. But because im not really working this makes me a bit nervous?! Is it easy to get in trouble doing this or is it common to get this visa and be sponsored even though you're not really working?

Also does anyone know if "Bali Expat Services" is a good company to use to organise visas, they are an Australian owned company or can you recommend a good reputable company to use?!
So if i were to get the Business KITAS (would love more info on this if anyone could help) would my daughter need to get the Family KITAS? Is it fairly easy to apply and obtain both these visas with the help of a visa company?

Sorry for the 20 questions!!! Would really appreciate some help on this topic! We are so excited to move to Bali and are hoping the visa side of it isn't too difficult!
Thank you so much for your help!

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