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What is your fav place to visit in Bali

As we all know, there are many wonderful places to visit in Bali. What we dont know, is where all these places are. Do you have a fav place that you would like to share with other InterNations members. It could be a restaurant or cafe that is hidden away, a gift or homewares shop that stocks weird & wonderful things, a secluded beach, the list can go on & on. I am always interested in hearing about 'treasure troves'. One of my fav places is & this will interest anyone heading to cold weather, a shop in Jl Legion just south of Jl Dbl six that stocks winter woollies at very reasonable prices. I was able to purchase scarves & wraps as presents for my family who like myself at the moment are feeling the chill of Melbourne winter. This shop was a gem of a find, I hear there is a similar shop in Jl Dbl 6 who also stock a good variety of winter woollies. Please share with us your 'treasure trove'.

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