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Banagalore - nothing special now & before! (Bangalore)

This is my first experience of being in Bangalore, I have heard great stories about how lives are transformed in this fast paced IT city. But, sorry to disappoint the rest of you, I have been here for one month and I haven't found anything worth mentioning.

The city has no personality and it's facing a huge identity crisis. Human energy is scattered in every possible direction, all very very chaotic with an unusual dose of drama.

There has been no history of Bangalore glorified in any episode of Indian history. As you can turn your eyes outside or in and you can see (If you are a seer), everybody's compromising, there is no self-respect, no values and lack of discipline. I still will give you full marks for being an opportunist capitalist non-reformist. Alas, that's not enough!

I also believe most of the people living in Bangalore are very poor. But here's the good news!!

You can change! (only If you think you can handle that)

Or you can continue like this! (That's easy)

Sorry, for being in here!

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