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Bangalore Harriettes' Hash RUn(youcanwalk) Sunday


Bangalore Harriettes' (Hash House Harriers) gears up for their First year Anniversary in April

Join us on our next RUn(youcanwalk) on Sunday, 30 March Protected content .
The Most Excellent Hare is I Like Head of the NY and Bangalore Hashes
Meet at 15:30 sharp, get sweaty and then head to el cheapo drinking hole for the On After. Hashers *love* shady beer joints as much as we adore adorning swank pubs with our beery, post-exercise stinky sweaty presence

All global Hashers, and wannabe Harriettes, connect with us here:
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Please - Bangalore Harriettes rocks with strong (women) Harriettes. we like to RUn, or walk, and enjoy Hashy jokes. Men are welcome ***if they are accompanied by at least one Harriette / wannabe Harriette***

We are *not* a place for stags/ where to pick up females yaar/ I-wanting-fraandships-with-you-my-wife-doesn't- mind-wokay. Those types of unHashy wankers are made to wear saree petticoats and cheapo lipstick, among other assorted Hash sh*t, through the Hash Trail if we Harriettes deem it fit. Be assured we can sense a non-Hashy wanker from a Protected content away

If you're interested, please:
a) be a girl/woman/Harriette type
b) bring a girl/woman/Harriette type
c) have a wacky wicked sense of humour. No exceptions

We are a Harriettes' Hash.
We screen

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