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Business visa help - looking for a sponsor company (Bangalore)

Hello all,

I've just been very brave and resigned from the job that brought me over here! I wasn't a good fit there, so it's all very amicable as I work my three months notice.

I've been developing a new career setting up a motivational training business. I’m particularly working on short workshops to help Indian teams and US/European companies work more effectively together. Perhaps you’ve already experienced the differences in managing a team here...

So, I'm hoping I can swap some of my training - which is being developed at the moment - for help with a business visa.

Apparently there's only a small amount of paperwork needed and no commitment or responsibility from the inviting company - just a letter inviting me to work with them, and a little proof they exist as a company here.

Hoping some kind person will point me at the right people to talk to. Or perhaps your own company could benefit from better motivation and better problem solving between the overseas office and the Indian team?

thanks in advance for any help – I love being in India and really want to carry on living and developing my stuff here!


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