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business visa issues (Bangalore)


i've had about 5 business visas over the last few years but there are still grey areas i'm hoping other ppl who have experience may be able to help with...? thanx a lot for any enlightenment :)

1. earning money here.
i've been told (word of mouth) that you can't, but then it says the visa is for "making contacts & making sales". if so does this have to be thru an indian or home country bank account?

2. starting a business.
does this have to be with an indian partner?
how does one go about this in the 1st instance in terms of registration etc.

3. length of stay.
are there stipulations (apart from the 6 month exit) about length of time spent over the course of the year ? as i've also been told (word of mouth again) that you musn't be seen to "live" here.

4. business invitation letters.
is this ok to get new letters from the same business? i'm about to get 2 letters from ppl i worked with last year....

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