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Driver and cook/maid available, Central Bangalore

Please hire our wonderful driver, Dennis, and our cook/maid, Anne. Both worked for us two years and are available now since we've had to relocate back to the US on relatively short notice. Both come with our strongest recommendations. They live and could work in the Central Bangalore area (alas, not Whitefield).

Dennis is a very experienced driver -- he's been driving for Protected content and has never had an accident. Strong knowledge of Bangalore geography and routes. Good English skills. Capable of managing household (e.g., paying bills, keeping books and accounts, directing other staff, etc.) Speaks good English as well as Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil. More important, in some sense, are the "intangibles" about him -- he is very, very honest, and we would trust him to do the right thing in any situation. He is punctual and reliable (never late once in two years). He is hard working (6 days a week, for long days, and can even work Sundays if needed). Very flexible in terms of the work he does -- the kind of guy who doesn't mind doing whatever needs to be done. All in all, he's fantastic, and we truly could not have gotten along in Bangalore without him. He can be reached at Protected content .

Anne (pronounced "Annie") is an experienced (6 years+) maid and cook. She has very good food safety practices (e.g., exceptionally careful at washing veggies, etc.). Able to cook both tasty Indian dishes and some western dishes and salads. Good English skills, as well as Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil. Capable of managing household (shopping, directing other staff, etc.). She has high standards and is very responsible. When dealing with merchants or service people at our household (e.g., the gardener), she would always insist that we received the best quality service or merchandise. She is also flexible in terms of her work schedule and the work she performed: she was always willing to work late on a Saturday (or come in on a Sunday) if we were hosting a dinner party, for instance. Although we didn’t make use of her for administrative tasks (e.g., dealing with bills), we suspect that she would have been good at it. Finally, Anne has a great attitude, a good sense of humor, and is fun to work with. She can be reached at Protected content .

Both can provide you with their resumes and formal letters of recommendation, both from us and their other employers. But let me just say again that these two both come with our highest recommendations and we can state confidently that you will not be disappointed with them!

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