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English language development for children (Bangalore)

This program focuses on developing children’s language skills such as enhancing vocabulary, comprehension capabilities and creative writing. We also focus on their mental abilities such as attention, perception, cognition, precise recording and memory. We believe that if a child’s vocabulary is enhanced, it improves the comprehension capabilities and benefits the child in all spheres of life. Similarly we focus on Creative writing and develop a child’s creativity by providing them a platform to various genres of writing such as Comic strip, script writing, story writing, research report, etc. We focus on topics which are general and do not have boundaries of any subject. For example children of 5 years of age understand topics such as Global warming, natural resources, magnetism and many more. This aims to expand the ability to connect to and interpret both oral and written language through the capacity to recall facts, get the main idea, make an inference, draw conclusions, predict/extend, and evaluate

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