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EXPAT DENTAL - dental service (Bangalore)

Expat Dental offers a complete range of dental care, specalist treatments and emergency services including:

- General dental care
- Cosmetic dentistry (particularly Veneers and Crowns)
- Implants
- Root-canal treatment
- Oral surgery
- Sensitivity Treatment
- Orthodontics (Braces)
- Teeth whitening
- Amalgam replacement
- Childrens dentistry (especially preventative dentistry)

Expat Dental is a dental service based in Bangalore, India.
Expat Dental provides the opportunity for every Expat and Visitor to access safe and affordable general and cosmetic dentistry at international standards
Expat Dental is the most trusted provider of dental care in India. We only use proven International brands and first class dentists.
Without using Expat Dental you are risking your teeth and your money. We independently verify our dentists and constantly monitor their treatment. We also examine their methods and qualifications and the laboratory they use.

We help you avoid:
-Being overcharged: One reknowned dentist in Bangalore routinely charges foreigners and visitors five to ten times more for materials and services than he should be charging. Our patients have reported being charged up to ten times more for basic services like cleaning and fillings than the market price in Bangalore.
-Shoddy workmanship: Our dentists are chosen for their qualifications expertise and experience.

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