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Family with small children moving to Bangalore


Hi All,

I am looking for advice as my husband has been offered a transfer to Bangalore with his company.

For background we are both Canadian, currently living in Australia. We have a 2yr old boy and a baby on the way, due end of November.

We have some concerns surrounding health risks of moving with such a small baby. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has been is this position. The consensus advice from health professionals here would be to wait until the baby is 3 months old before making the move.

1) I am hoping to get advice on good expat hospitals, for emergencies, but also general practitioners. From what I have read it sounds like there are some great, very specialised hospitals, but where do you take your children for things like ear infections etc..?

2) Also, does anyone have any experience with getting infant/child vaccinations? I am curious as to whether expat children are recommended to be vaccinated against things like tuberculosis, which are not routine, or even available in Australia.

3) Living location:
My husbands work is very nearby the Rajajinagar Metro Station.
We would be looking for some sort type of apartment/gated community complex, that wouldn't take too long for him to get to/from work, as I understand traffic is extremely congested.

4) Transport: Does it make sense for him to try to take the metro to/from work, is this a safe & reliable mode of transport? Is it also quicker than by car? Are there any gated complexes nearby to metro stations?

Thanks all in advance. It will be great to get advice from those in the know.

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