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Health care in Bangalore

I am getting really close to my departure to Bangalore. What I need advice on is this....what can I expect regarding health care and attention, what will insurance that the company I will be employed by offer? Is it better for me to secure my own international insurance that I had when I was employed in Africa?

I am hearing conflicting stories and don't want any surprises as I am going to be employed by a very big company but still want to be sure that if I should have my own international insurance over the insurance that will be provided I have no issue with that.

My benefit package is including housing, health excluding dental and visual, and other issues however the wording of my contract is a bit tricky. I am not sure if what is being negotiated is to protect the company that I will be employed which is an Indian based company against any illegal procedures and tax investigations.

I really do need some guidance on these matters since I am new to this area of the world and know that there is a huge Ex-Pat population there.

Thank you for your help and thoughts. I can't...CAN'T wait to get there.

Chef B

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