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Hope you can give me some meaningful advice! (Bangalore)

Hey Guys Thanks for opening this thread. I would like to share my little academic story with you all and hope you can give me some meaningful advice.

Recently results for my Bachelor In Computer Science Engineering came out and unfortunately I could not graduate as I couldn't clear one of my internal exams in my first year of college.

This is how the story goes :
I had a few backlogs in first two years of college but i cleared them and also my aggregate percentile is more than 62%. I studied in Christ University which is quite famous in Bangalore. Everything was going well from my project to my academic performances until i came to know that the teacher who failed me in internals was kicked out of college and now i don’t have any option but to wait till my final year gets over to re-write my internals (thats the rule of the college).

Even though i had scored more marks than many of the students in my class and I also got placed in two companies from college placement I couldn't get the job as my degree is incomplete without those 10 marks internal exam. I can give that exam only in December Protected content is such a bummer because i cant do anything for 6 more months ,no companies would want failed engineers .

Infact my project or my skills are top notch I cant prove anything because my degree is at hold just because of those 10 internal marks . I feel devastated .Being a good student i always was ,I dont think i deserve this . I do feel like giving up and committing suicide at times because seeing all the losers in class getting their degree and jobs just doesn't make me feel good about myself.Even my parents have lost faith in me and I cant even ask them for money as its just embarrassing.

Since these community has all the corporate and business men ,I want someone to understand my situations and help me with whatever they can. Im good in programming ,development and overall a complete computer geek. My project has been chosen to get it patented too.As for now I need to earn some money to earn my livelihood.

If you guys have anything i could help you with please try me . Im hardworking,dedicated, also a music composer and I write poems too. I used to do online marketing and white hacks to earn money online but recently while travelling back to Bangalore my laptop got stolen in the train .

I don't know why this is happening to me but if you guys can do anything to help me recover that'd be great. Even your piece of advice would cheer me up .

Thank you

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