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Housing resources: (Bangalore)

I thought I'd share some resources that I used during my house search. It definitely doesn't hurt to post in the forums and hope someone responds, but it may be faster to try searching yourself.

Service Apartment - fully furnished apartment (that you may or may not be sharing with others, but you will have your own room). A person cleans the room, it is hotel/apartment hybrid, usually run by a business.

Paying Guest - similar to a serviced apartment, but living with the owner of the apartment/flat.

deposit: if not going the service apartment/ paying guest route and rent an apartment, landlords expect a security deposit (equivalent to 10 months of rent). May be negotiable for shorter stays.

Location: it is generally recommended to live near where you work. However, sometimes you will be working in the middle of nowhere; in that case, I recommend moving to a location that is easily accessible to the nightlife hotspots and to work. Its not worth living far from everything - yeah, commute to work is good, but you won't really enjoy your time here. Especially since it may mean haggling with rickshaw drivers as they try to charge you more since you are a foreigner. And buses aren't too bad.

Some of the websites want a cellphone number (for verification). It can be skipped, but I recommend to stay at a hotel/PG/SA setup for a bit to identify where exactly want to live. You should also try to get a cell phone in the meantime (lots of hoops to jump through).

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craigslist can work as well, but not many people seem to use this.

Any other suggestions?


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