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Invitation to a discussion (Bangalore)

Hello Everyone,

As an expatriate in India, there may be moments when it seems too overwhelming to handle the sheer challenges my beautiful and paradoxical country throws your way. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that India tests your character. In every way possible. In such moments, we all look to those in our circle of trust, often living abroad, to get us through. We pick up our phones, or our laptops or switch on our computers and log in with the single-minded desire to connect. We blog to share our stories and our thoughts The power of technology enables us to live a better quality of life.

But there is a part of India, a vast majority of it, in fact, to which technology is not a question of luxury or a more comfortable life. For millions upon millions, a laptop would be of little help in solving the challenges of their lives: they would not know how to read or write in order to use it, nor would they have the electricity supply to operate it..

For them, simple, innovative technology is a question of survival. It means access to drinking water during times of drought or flood, it means increased yields and good food supply all year around, it means that the physically disabled and impoverished can walk again because India's engineers came up with a prosthetic 1/100th the cost of counterparts abroad.

A discussion of experts and practitioners of social enterprises around India on the role of technology for Below Poverty Line families and under-served families is taking place on November 21st, in Bangalore. Focusing on the questions of scale, it also addresses how entrepreneurs are finding and leveraging insights to implement such solutions around the country.

I would love to invite anyone interested to attend the event.
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