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Job offer from bangalore (Bangalore)


I’ve been called by an indian company that want to hire me for working in Bangalore (India), I have no idea about the salary expectations topic and how is living there.
At the first they offered me around 1.500€ a months for a first period of 5 months but I think is too low compared to mine here in Italy, I also know that life in India is so cheap but I won't to live as an Indian, I want to have the same standard of life I'm having in Europe and I will surely putting my savings here. In addition, I think it will be not a final destination for me and this low amount can influence my future experiences.
I'm trying to ask something about 35.000€ a year plus accomodations and plus variable income; they told me I will stay in their shared houses (one room) and I'm not the person that usually dislike adventures but I think that if you are hiring a professional figure from Europe is good to provide a private house and some other comforts, or not?
Probably they are providing a car with a driver for moving but I don't know anything about other commodities I can ask for.
On next week I'm going there for a couple of weeks, they invited me to come and see the company, take a look at the city and to their other plants in other cities; I will stay in Palm meadows, is it a good place?
I forgot to say that I'm a registered architect in Italy with experiences in Switzerland and UK and I really like to move around the world for improve my skills and making experiences around the world.ì, that's why I'm attracted to go to India.
Thank you

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