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Looking for a 2 BHK close to Koramangala (Bangalore)

Hello everyone!

I'll be relocating to Bangalore in about a month or so for work reasons. My work place is in Koramangala and I am hoping to find good 2 BHK accommodation options around the place. I was wondering what would be the best way to go about doing this - do most people rely on brokers or do they look up online listing platforms? Please share contact details if possible.

I also plan on only considering newly constructed buildings. I believe flats in such buildings should be contemporary/modern (& with decent amenities) unlike most others. Is that true? And if so, am I only left with places like Whitefield etc.? Or is it possible to find such places in Koramangala/Jayanagar? Any inputs would be most welcome.

Thanks so much,

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